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Current Price is the price the stock is trading at now to 20 minutes ago.
Predicted price is the price expected to trend at (daily average) tomorrow.
Calculated Value is what the AI thinks the price should be, not what it is trading at. For example after the MSFT announcement that it planned to acquire LNKD, LNKD had a Calculated Value that was 30% lower than the current price, but the predicted price was about 3% lower than the price at that time.
Confidence is how sure the AI is that the price will be as predicted.

How it Works

Our AI monitors news, stock trades, and other sources to make predictions in the near term. The more data about a stock typically the better the confidence, but in some cases conflicting reports can create less confidence. 

Who Needs It?

We believe that the best use for this is risk mitigation. Bad news travels fast, but many people move slow. By looking at where there will be drops in the market, or looking at which items in your portfolio are least likely to move when picking something to sell when you need to be liquid we can minimize the risk you will lose money.

Does it Work?

It's better than talking to a psychic friend. The challenge is that the confidence is based a lot on the newsworthiness of a stock. The system also can't predict if someone will die, so if the CEO kicks the bucket we will be as taken as anyone else. But even in those events we can predict if you were on the downturn or close to the upturn.